NOVOMED medical equipment


Respiratory support for preterm and newborn babies

medinCNO is a versatile nCPAP device which is used to provide non-invasive respiratory support to premature infants and newborns. In combination with Medijet®, the compact device is a stand-alone system and meets all requirements for non-invasive nCPAP therapy. 

With five modes, medinCNO offers comprehensive non-invasive support in neonatology and is the only nCPAP device with nHFV.

Economical solution for nCPAP

MEDIN medinSINDI Economical solution for nCPAP

With the nCPAP and high-flow modes, medinSINDI offers a reliable and economical solution for basic NIV therapy of small patients. In combination with the Medijet® generator, medinSINDI measures CPAP pressure and respiratory rate. In addition, alarm functions such as the upper and lower pressure limit and a disconnection alarm offer additional security.

Through the integrated oxygen/compressed air blender, medinSINDI enables precise adjustment of the flow and the oxygen concentration.

BIOALM Medijet
Active nCPAP interface

Active nCPAP interface

Medijet is an active nCPAP generator and is used on the medin devices medin-NC3®, medinCNO®, medinCNOmini® and medinSINDIn®. In addition, the interface can also be combined with several special ventilators.

Medijet is quieter than comparable nCPAP generators (Kirchner 2012) and features a high level of comfort. 

Medijet actively generates CPAP pressure using a modified Benveniste valve (Benveniste 1976), that is, directly in the generator, and thus the continuous positive pressure in the patient’s airway without an additional valve in the NIV device.

As a result, Medijet is connected to the device with only a single-tube system. This facilitates handling and patient positioning.

BIOALM Miniflow
Passive nCPAP interface with continious flow

MEDIN Miniflow Passive nCPAP interface with continious flow

Miniflow is an interface for CPAP/NIV therapy using conventional ventilators. The interface is connected with the inspiratory and expiratory branches of the tubing system with the ventilator or flow source.

Combining Miniflow with ventilators enables CPAP therapy and non-invasive ventilation modes such as NIPPV. In this way, the therapy parameters are controlled as usual via the ventilator.  As needed, pressure measurement near the patient can be connected to the Miniflow. The single-use interface allows all forms and modes of modern NIV therapy for premature infants and newborns.  

You can use Miniflow with a variety of ventilators from various manufacturers. Miniflow is the interface of choice for all devices from Bioalm Medical, Maquet and SLE. 

BIOALM Nasal Cannulas
Nasal cannula for high flow oxygen therapy

MEDIN Medijet Active nCPAP interface

The medin high flow nasal cannula is made out ouf soft and skin compatible silicone which helps to perfectly balance therapy and wearing comfort. Even the smallest cannula size provides flow rates up to 8 LPM and therefore, meet the current knownledge of the application of high flow oxygen therapy in neonatology (Roehr 2016).  

Further cannula sizes can be used for babies and infants in combination with a suitable ventilator, for example from Bioalm Medical. 

The medin High Flow nasal cannula are compatible with medinCNO®mini, medin-NC3® and medin blender.

BIOALM Pediflow
Non-invasive respiratory mask

MEDIN Medijet Active nCPAP interface

Pediflow is a mask for non-invasive ventilation for babies aged six to eight months and weighing up to 10 kg. For easy and secure fixation, we have developed a special headgear which can be easily adapted to the head of the small patient.

Pediflow is a single-use product with a good price-performance ratio and it is suitable for ventilators with 2-tube systems.

Pediflow is made of 100% flexible silicone in order to prevent pressure points or damage. For the same reason, the headgear is made in one piece and designed so that it can be optimally adjusted to the patient’s head.

BIOALM Bonnets

MEDIN Medijet Active nCPAP interface

Medin bonnets are made of biocompatible microfibers and are individually packaged and available in eight sizes. The particularly soft and elastic material protects the head without deforming it. The fixation bands for prongs and masks attach anywhere to the bonnet and can thus be individually positioned.

The bonnet is the basis for the application of the entire nCPAP system since it ensures the necessary stability.

Mein single-use bonnets have a foam wedge secured in the middle which accommodates the nCPAP generator Medijet or the nCPAP interface Miniflow and effectively reduces the tension which may develop due to the position of the tubing system.

Medin high-quality bonnets can also be reused. They are sewn securely and can be washed up to 100 times at 60°C. The bonnets are individually packaged and available in eight different sizes. 

BIOALM Nasal Masks and Binasal Prongs

MEDIN Miniflow Passive nCPAP interface with continious flow

Medin masks and prongs are suitable for single use in combination with Medijet and Miniflow. Both products are very well tolerated by premature infants and newborns and are equally effective in application.

Medin nasal masks are available in five sizes and feature a high degree of wear comfort. The soft cushion and the anatomical shape minimize skin damage and pressure point. Regularly replacing with binasal prongs additionally ensures regeneration of the skin. 

Medin prongs are available in seven different sizes and are made of high-quality silicone. The specially anatomically optimized shape minimizes skin damage and pressure points. Regularly replacing with our nasal masks additionally ensures regeneration of the skin.