NOVOMED medical equipment


High-End HF Unit maXium®

Bioalm High-End HF Unit maXium

This HF unit offers you more than 40 precisely regulated types of current for a great variety of applications in any medical field. The maXium® represents an innovative symbiosis of highly advanced HF technology and a whole range of user-friendly advantages.

High-End HF Unit ME MB 1 endo

Bioalm High-End HF Unit ME MB 1 endo

It is not without reason that it is considered a successful classic in the field of endoscopy – the ME MB 1 endo. The hallmarks of this HF unit are its straightforward operating concept and a tremendous price-performance ratio.

High-End HF Unit ME MB 3

Bioalm High-End HF Unit ME MB 3

As evidenced by its ergonomic handling, the ME MB 3 utilizes proven technology. Special rotary switches are provided to set the power individually for each operating mode, with the settings indicated on a digital display. The appropriate types of current can be selected easily.

High-End HF Unit ME 411

Bioalm High-End HF Unit ME 411

Boasting 11 different working currents, the ME 411 can be used in any surgical field. In addition to its great versatility, the system offers maximum safety as well – both for users and patients.

Thus, the ME 411 is well equipped to easily meet any demands made on it in modern operating rooms.

Basic HF Unit ME 102

Bioalm Basic HF Unit ME 102

The compact solution for best results in electrosurgery.High-frequency surgery in perfection: The ME 102 is a universally applicable HF electrosurgery device of the 100-watt class offering excellent cutting and coagulating capabilities. The unit has been designed to meet all clinical as well as ambulatory requirements.

Basic HF Unit MD 62

Bioalm Basic HF Unit MD 62

Our smallest solution for highest demands for quality and convenience in dental applications.

The Bioalm MD 62 is an electrosurgical device primarily intended for use in dentistry. Thanks to its compact design, this unit is extremely handy and therefore well.

Basic HF Unit Minicutter

Bioalm Basic HF Unit Minicutter

With an output power of 80 watts in monopolar mode and 70 watts in bipolar mode, the Minicutter is simply ideal for use in outpatient departments and private practices. Thanks to its wide range of application including general medicine, dermatology, gynaecology, ENT and cosmetic surgery, the Minicutter is a real all-rounder – just as valuable in clinical settings as in private surgeries.

Excellent ergonomics and easy handling – these are the hallmarks of the Minicutter that make it truly unique.

HF Carts

maXium®, maXium® Beamer and maXium® smart Cart – together they form the first class system for open and endoscopic argon plasma surgery.

The maXium® smart Cart exhibits a compact and ergonomic design to securely accommodate the entire equipment.

Our HF Cart represents a practical and convenient solution for all major Bioalm HF units – and one that saves you lots of money as well.

Smoke Evacuator

Bioalm Smoke Evacuator

When using HF surgery devices and laser systems, it is usually impossible to avoid the creation of toxic gases containing viruses, particles or cancerogenic substances.

Responding to the increasing demand for plume-removing devices in recent years, Bioalm developed its marVAC® smoke evacuator.

marVAC® offers reliable and effective protection as surgical plume is removed directly from the operating site and then filtered and discharged.

Bioalm Electrosurgical Instruments

Bioalm marSeal Bipolar Sealing Instruments

Bioalm also sets new standards on a regular basis with its appealing range of HF accessories.

During the last few years, the product portfolio has been continuously expanded, in particular in the field of bipolar application. Now it comprises a great deal of innovative instruments, such as the marCut® bipolar scissors, the marClamp®, bipolar clamps, the NON-STICK red forceps or the marSeal bipolar sealing instruments.