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Flow Sensors

HAMILTON Flow Sensors

Since 1983, the proximal flow sensor has been the centrepiece of all Hamilton Medical ventilators. It provides you with valuable data from the airway opening, and the whole ventilation process depends on these measurements and their accuracy. Precise volume, flow, and pressure data allow better assessment of the patient’s lung condition.

Breathing Circuit Sets

HAMILTON Breathing Circuit Sets

We offer preassembled breathing circuit sets with proven manufacturer quality – all sets have been specially developed for Hamilton Medical ventilators. Our single-use and autoclavable breathing circuit sets are available in several different lengths.

Expiratory Valve Sets

HAMILTON Expiratory Valve Sets

The valve is one of the key elements of any ventilation system. The Hamilton Medical single-use and autoclavable expiratory valve sets are specially developed for our ventilators.

The main tasks of the expiratory valve sets are to control the respiratory phases and the expiratory pressure, as well as to regulate the PEEP. Their design also prevents internal ventilator components from coming into contact with the patient’s exhaled gas.

NIV Masks

The Hamilton Medical full face masks offer an optimal fit while minimizing leakage and pressure points. The soft surface and forehead cushion make the mask.

High Flow Interfaces

HAMILTON High Flow Interfaces

Our ventilators offer high flow oxygen therapy as a software option that is easy to add on.

For our dual and single limb breathing circuit sets we offer high flow nasal cannulas.

BIOALM nCPAP Interfaces for Neonates

HAMILTON nCPAP Interfaces for Neonates

All Hamilton Medical ventilators offer nCPAP (nasal continuous positive airway pressure) modes. You only need to set the desired CPAP pressure and the flow is adjusted automatically based on patient conditions and potential leaks.


HAMILTON Nebulization

We offer nebulization solutions of AEROGEN®, the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of high performance aerosol drug delivery technology for all patient groups.

CO2 Measurement

HAMILTON CO2 Measurement

All Hamilton Medical ventilators provide volumetric capnography as either a standard or optional feature. Mainstream CO2 measurement is performed using a CAPNOSTAT® 5 sensor.

Oxygen Measurement

HAMILTON Oxygen Measurement

All Hamilton Medical ventilators should operate with an original Oxygen cell from Hamilton Medical, as performance of our ventilators can only be guaranteed.